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a blog about love

while in nyc, we photographed this amazing couple set on making their corner of the world better at the very spot they met for the first time.  new york city, mara & danny – we miss you!!

while i was writing this post i hopped over to their blog to copy the link and there was a post mentioning US today!  (insert huge blush here)

From Mara:

“We were so incredibly lucky to have a reader and photographer from Kentucky (Melanie Mauer) come to New York to photograph us in the very spot where we met.  The photographs are just beautiful and we cherish them so, so much!  And the woman behind that camera was unreal.  She really could be one of the kindest, most lovely people we’ve ever met.  We loved her assistant, too.  They won our hearts big time and we are so thankful to them for their loveliness, cute New York savviness (they got a cabbie to hang out for a photo!), and generosity.”

if you haven’t been to a blog about love before, this great couple found one another post-divorce and share the love letters they wrote in the weeks preceding their meeting…they talk candidly about struggles with infertility, choosing happiness and so many beautiful topics!  excited for you to discover them!


xoxo, -melanie-
  • Mara

    Melanie – you are wonderful!! this post made me miss you, too. We’d love to see you if you ever come to New York again – we’d love to take you to one of our favorite places. xo

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