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a deeper look

i generally share one image from a session.

for a few reasons.

it’s simple.

i like to sit with one image and enjoy all it has to tell.

sometimes with more than one image we don’t really pause to see.

blogging (as lovely as it is) takes time away from living and photographing and that’s where my heart lies.

sessions are intimate – if you’ve had one, you know that.  and for some reason they often feel almost too personal to share.

and i fall squarely in the quality camp if we’re picking sides in the quantity vs. quality debate.


sometimes a deeper look is called for.

below is a day in the life session with the fenwicks.

they deserve the #goodpeople hashtag for a multitude of reasons.

they’re generous.



as you’ll see very soon :)

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the bravest are the tenderest, the loving are the daring. [ william wadsworth longfellow ]



limited edition [ summer fun ] mini session

excited summer is here!

schedules get turned completely upside down but they also relax a bit.  and that feels good.

so, in case you want a quick session while skin has a little more color to it, i’d love to help!  (i know, i know – we’re supposed to be putting spf2000 on when we head out the door…and i’m getting better at it!)

i most love sessions at home but mini’s are so perfect for a quick update of a growing child and we’ve also had them used for maternity and engagement sessions…or even gathering your siblings and then enjoying a meal together – because your parents would be over the moon for that as a gift for christmas!

aaaaaand, we did a little poll on Facebook to see which city would get the most votes for our second mini and Louisville won so we have *two* options for you!  (and it’s about time because so many of you have traveled to Lexington).


limited edition [ summer fun ] mini session

when: saturday, july 11th

where: keeneland, lexington ky

kindly pick your preferred time


details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $175 session fee

1-2 children (or you and a child), for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person. since these will be outside, please plan for the possibility of cooler weather. prints, digital files, etc are purchased a la carte after you’ve had a chance to see the images.

on aug 18th, we’ll present 5 too cute images! email katrina (info@melaniemauer.com) for a spot as soon as you can – they fill quickly!! can’t wait to see you!

and second…..

when: saturday, august 29th

where: cherokee park, louisville ky

kindly pick your preferred time

yay for summer!!  xoxo, -melanie-


xoxo, -melanie-

at home

thanks to a beautiful workshop, i feel closer to my personal vision…and part of that is shooting in your home as much as circumstances allow for family & children sessions.  we do this pretty often anyway but i’ve realized more of why they are such favorite places for me artistically.

i love what’s available to us there.


favorite toys.

a space that your child feels natural in.

everything looks a bit cozier and connected at home.

xoxo, -melanie-

you’re awesome

a friend from college with three great kiddos is battling cancer.  during a session at the end of last year, i asked her kiddos to write the one word that most described her.

and i then promptly melted into a puddle from their responses.

i get to see the best things.

and it bursts my heart wide open.

lessons learned.

with preschoolers, elementary & middle schoolers often as my teachers.

fast forward another 20 years and the result of that parental love extended is seen again at weddings.

so what are the words you hope describe you?

let’s live the embodiment of that today.

you are more huggable, awesome and gentle than you know ;)

xoxo, -melanie-


i’m so glad children never talk about work/life balance :)  their play is perfect for living and learning and that’s exactly how i like things!

play is something to be preserved.  i’ve been paying attention to how i can make anything i do a little more fun…a little more playful.  most of the time, it’s all too easy.

turning on a happy playlist.

or opening the windows so i can hear the birds outside.

life is meant to be enjoyed.

deeply and fully.

and it’s certainly not hard to do when spring feels like magic!

yesterday, audrey and i were pointing out the prettiest trees and flowers on the way home from school.  and she was calling me to the back door so i could watch the bunnies with her.

i’m glad that spring puts on a show to invite us all to savor it.

going on a walk this evening so i can see a bit more of it.  xoxo, -melanie-

some loveliness from around the web:

* c-u-t-e kiddo furniture…i know, i must stop looking at these foreign websites!!  but seriously, it’s modern and classic at the same time.

* such a cute card

* i’m a bit more of a moth to a flame than i’d like to admit about family travel…it’s my personal sweet spot (although i’d probably want to squeeze simplicity in there somewhere too). in case you are, too (or just love traveling with those you love), here’s one family’s year long trek around the world with one second from each day (there’s one word in the song that’s a little off-putting – sorry about that!  the second time the track repeats, it’s actually the girl in the movie that’s singing :)). i heard about them from family adventure podcast, i think.

* this blew my mind – 7 countries where americans can study for free

1,831 questions to ask your partner on date night

* making me smile…i want to give it to every child the first time they finish a chapter book.

p.s. i worked on a hallway gallery at home last week.

oh my goodness gracious!  new levels of empathy have entered my heart :)

generally, i go for something like this.  and it’s so.much.easier!

the finalized set of images was a complex algorithm of perfectly balanced birthdays, holidays, vacations, everyday moments.

(i’m tempted to swap it all the photos out on a birthday with pictures of that person, and put up all the halloween shots for halloween…but we’ll leave that craziness for another spring break staycation!)

i’m appreciating our photo books in a whole new way now.





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