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lots of clients have travelled in from out of town this year for a portrait shoot to mark their 10 year anniversary.

it makes me full of memories from their day that passed a decade ago.

the landscape of life has changed – now there are kiddos, bigger cars to hold those kiddos…but smiles that hint at the fact that life is richer.

and all of this brings to mind two things –

1 – the grass is greener where you water it.  our marriages are treasures worthy of our best effort.  and i see you water them so well.

2 – weddings are a beautiful beginning.  but what’s happening right now in your life, might be even more beautiful.   it’s why as much as i love weddings, i couldn’t photograph just one day of your life.  i’d miss too much – courtship, babies in your arms, toddlers on your shoulders…

happy weekending – let’s go water the grass around us, -melanie-

lovelies from around the web

why we work

love things that help remind me of the gifts right in front of me.

oh the cuteness!  just in time for halloween.

most importantly: let’s hang out oct 27th and listen to great music!  bring a pillow to sit on for beta radio’s sitting room tour!  (just a few tickets are left!)  you can hear more of their music on spotify.  happy fall. happy life. happy ears!




i cringe just a little at the word ‘perfect’.  do you? it seems like an impossible standard for everyone but about 3 people i know.  but strangely enough, i’ve had it used to describe my work multiple times (and i realize it’s always given as a kind compliment so it’s received that way).

i’m on a mission to explain/dispel/debunk it however.

i only need 1/60th of a second to look a certain way…and yes, i have to time my shutter *to* that particular moment but the above image illustrates how quickly things change…and honestly, i love them both.

it’s not about perfect.  it’s about all the love & goodness pulsing around in our lives & relationships.
so i position myself at the intersections of life where i see lots of it – weddings and families.  thank you for making me the happiest photographer around.

see the beautiful things.

plan a little fall adventure.

find calm and keep it.

be with who makes your heart fullest.  

xoxo, -melanie-

fall on the farm [ limited edition mini session ]

fall on the farm lexington portrait photographer

fall is here!

and if you’d like a lovely image for a holiday card, we can help!


limited edition [ fall on the farm ] mini session

when: saturday, oct 17th

where: a family farm outside lexington with barns and a lovely ky view!

kindly pick your preferred time


details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $175 session fee

1-2 children (or you and a child), for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person. since these will be outside, please plan for the possibility of cooler weather. prints, digital files, etc are purchased a la carte after you’ve had a chance to see the images.

on nov 17th, we’ll present 5 too cute images! email katrina (info@melaniemauer.com) for a spot as soon as you can – they fill quickly!! can’t wait to see you!


the image above is a set of letters audrey made me for a recent trip – yes, i feel like i live with a real life angel.

it’s been a tradition of mine for a while to leave a letter for her for each day we’re apart and it was sweet to see her return love in the same way.

there’s a mutual exchange of learning how to love better from children if our hearts are open to it.  and the vehicle – letters, hugs, cuddling in the morning…it’s always so simple.  and she certainly teaches me a lot more than i teach her.

grateful i have the view of life i do where i see how well you love your family, too.


we have some really beautiful plans in store that i’ll be sharing on our newsletter so be sure to sign up on our homepage!  and if it’s best for these notes to come straight to our inbox there’s a way to do that as well with the ‘subscribe’ spot to the left.

fall slips away so quickly so if you’re thinking of a shoot with those you love, jot us a note soon (like today!): info@melaniemauer.com – the days get so short that it’s nice to do it sooner rather than later!


loveliness from around the web

childrens’ books about paris – i’m all about traveling with children.  one way we make it more special is reading beautiful books beforehand…i remember how much more art meant to me post-art history classes so we try to learn so we can enjoy more.

if there’s music, culture, architecture we can explore ahead of time, we try to.

this collection of books on paris feels special because when i was pregnant with audrey, jason and i climbed the steps of the eiffel tower and at the bottom i bought a reproduction of the poster used when the eiffel tower was unveiled (can you believe it was meant to be temporary??) – it informed the color selection for her nursery and she gazed at it for years and has always been fascinated.  her one wish is to sit on the expansive lawn and sketch it :)  so when we head to switzerland in a few years, we’ll be making a stop (shhhh! it’s a secret).  glad that life can be filled with some dreamy things like paris!






xoxo, -melanie-


sentimental: resulting from feeling rather than reason or thought
example: a sentimental attachment, a sentimental favorite

usually, i err on preferring a clean surface over sentimentality for things.
i actually like winnowing down my stuff.
some people have a 1 in/1 out rule…mine is probably 1 in/2 out.
a flip has been switched and it’s just how i prefer life.
less stuff feels great.

but there’s one exception.
great photos.

i’ll take a cluster on the fridge, a scattering of them in tiny frames on a bedside table, a few on the bookshelf, please.

they’re the perfect little touch.

and i’m just now seeing how amazing they are and the sentiment attached to them. largely because the baby photo has stood still while the subject has turned into a real life almost 10 yr old.

they’re a treasure.

i understand why they’re the #1 thing people grab them if they have to run out of their home due to fire.
and i feel honored to make them with you of the people you love.

i just got out of the car from a quick trip with a friend and she said “i don’t know the people in your photos but after seeing them, i *want* to.”

and i thought to myself, maybe it’s because i adore the people i work with and it’s hard for a photo i make to not have that bias.

if there’s a tiny spot in your home that could use an image of a happy and loving moment on it, let me know…it’s what i do :)

lovelies from around the web:

i heartily recommend donnia krebs for piano lessons if you have need of a piano teacher for your young child – i’ve known her family for years and if my sweeter-than-pie sister in law wasn’t so adept, i’d go this direction. (this is for you wendy!)

on a recent travel assignment a few hours away, i was shown a hallway that was lovingly referred to as “the wall of melanie” – family photos from the last couple of years…and i beheld my new favorite frame! the 25×25 in white is a thing of beauty!

better than english – a collection of words in other languages that describe something perfectly!


xoxo, -melanie-
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