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let’s go to europe

i.love.travel…not too much, just a little sprinkle here and there…and if it’s off continent, it gets double bonus points :)

so, if you know someone getting married abroad, let them know we’d love to chat. and thank you for sharing your experience – almost everyone who emails is a friend of someone we know (we rarely advertise or do bridal shows)…we love seeing you amongst the wedding guests!

xoxo, - melanie-

life & international happiness day!

i had to pop in on the blog on international happiness day (founded by the UN to encourage countries to adopt policies that promote happiness)!!  it’s also the first day of spring *and* my wedding anniversary…so, march 20th is feeling very very special indeed :)

my yoga teacher asked a small group of us “what would you like your yoga practice to feel like?” and i immediately knew.

purposeful, balanced, joyful

what i realized a little later is that’s exactly how i want LIFE to feel. not just my yoga practice.

photography slows me down – it encourages me to savor. and it’s nonexistent for clients to hire me to photograph something not of consequence – so every day, people show me their greatest treasures. they invite me into their most personal space – home.

we create images of life being lived & loved.

it’s purposeful, balanced, and so full of joy.

thank you for helping me craft a life i absolutely love. happy international happiness day to you!

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

[ george bernard shaw ]


And above all,

watch with glittering eyes

the whole world around you

because the greatest secrets

are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

[ Roald Dahl ]

spring mini session details

we heard you’ve been waiting!

spring has sprung [limited edition] mini session at glenlary estate

when: saturday, april 19th

where: glenlary estate, paris ky

kindly pick your preferred time

11:30, noon, 12:30, 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3, 3:30

details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $175

1-2 children (or you and a child), for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person.  since these will be outside, please plan a warm option in case it’s cool (you were probably already keeping an eye out for something darling for Easter!). in 4 weeks, we’ll present 5 too cute images.  email katrina (info@melaniemauer.com) for a spot as soon as you can – they fill quickly!!  can’t wait to see you!


xoxo, -melanie-

happy daughters day…one day late

there are a handful of moments that stand apart in my mind from all the others.

and i feel grateful that for so many of those moments, there are images.

so i can remember.

being with these two sweet girls who had experienced a deep loss a few months prior was one of those times. a poignant exchange that taught me so much.


life teaches me.  about hope. about joy.  and family.  and the eternal nature of all those things.

xoxo, -melanie-
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