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i actually enjoy personal finance.

but it wasn’t always that way.  it felt a little intimidating at first. what i’ve come to realize is that it’s far more simple than we think. numerous books have influenced how i feel about being a steward of our resources but there are some tools that have remained constant through the last few years that i thought i’d share.

YNAB – I love how intentional a budget is. But maybe not how it calls you out when your spending isn’t aligned with what you say is most important :) (Sidenote: that’s actually been a major personal focus of mine for the last year)

I keep my categories simple:*
everyday expenses

groceries & household goods

tithing/charitable giving
clothing/personal care
home improvement

school tuition

family vacation

A budget helps me with restraint (not a message promoted by magazine advertisers or the mall but one that’s important in meeting financial goals). And I like ‘pretty’ so I appreciate the interface of YNAB. I’ve tried a ton of different budgeting programs and this is the one that’s built like i think. (There’s also a smartphone app that allows you to document spending on the go…)

I typically go in once a week to add our purchases – a month would be too tedious and I like being more aware so i manually enter them rather than automating it – I don’t log my spending while I’m out using the app because i have so many payments that don’t take place in person that then i’d need to sift through what i logged and what i didn’t. I hop online to our bank & credit card (we just use one card because i love that simplicity of tracking purchases in one place) and enter activity from there.  here’s a peek at the reports page from their website.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 3.33.37 PM

my second all time favorite tool is Mint – I use this strictly for the super easy tracking of investment balances and financial goals.

All my retirement accounts are at Vanguard** (remember how much i love simple!) but Jason has a work 401K and Mint allows us to see all account balances in one quick place – and those balances flow in to our one financial goal we have set at mint: a retirement target. Those balances refresh with a little thermometer to let us know how close we are.


(image from their website – maybe it’s just me but in this fictional example, the credit card debt should be paid off with the ‘trip to hawaii’ money!)

the process of being aware of spending isn’t about bean counting – it’s about intentionally directing resources to what we value. alignment feels SO good.

* your categories may be far different – whatever is important to you should have a spot

this budget represents our take home pay so retirement contributions aren’t included here…i like seeing our discretionary spending annually, although there’s an option to remove certain categories from the reports/graphs so you could definitely include that in your budget.

** the top reason i’ve chosen to consolidate at vanguard

the YNAB link provides a discount for you and a small support to this blog – so thank you! (i don’t do sponsored posts, this is a product that’s integral to my weekly home management – you might find that mint or something else free works perfectly for you.)

i hope these are helpful!  feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments!  at a recent engagement session the topic of budgets came up and i realized SO many clients are creating a new budget based on the huge change of being married so this is just a peek into the simple way we do it.


xoxo, -melanie-

this feels like summer

this past spring i spent a good chunk of time cooking up a little surprise for father’s day.
i got to work on a book with audrey that compiled all the iconic images from the last few years.

in the process of creating that book, i was overwhelmed by the goodness of life.

the lessons we’ve learned together.
how much the exchange of support means.
and renewed encouragement to make memories.
we’ve been on an incredible road trip that i’ve been instagramming bits and pieces of.
it’s etched in the story of our family now…audrey even colored the states in on the chalkboard we’ve been using to mark all the states we’ve been to together.
these little slices of life make me smile, fill me with gratitude.
life gets busy. complicated. too full. sometimes sad and overwhelming. if you want to pause and relish what you have that is oh-so-very-good, i’m your girl. we’ll play for an hour and make something that helps you see it.

have the best summer!!

xoxo, -melanie-

happy and healthy ways (local lexington business)

is your summer off to a great start? we’ve been loving it – i wanted to introduce you to someone, staci cravens…her business facebook page is full of great healthy ideas!  the shot that illustrates this post is of her three boys  :)

staci, will you describe the journey that brought you to becoming certified as a health coach? we hear so often that the food we eat outweighs the impact our exercise routine has so it’s amazing that you’re addressing this huge facet in all of our lives!

As you know, every journey has its challenges. When I started, I was overwhelmed by who and what to believe. There is so much information out there – and it is often contradictory. Personally, I wanted to get my family on track. I am a wife and a mother to three boys, and I really wanted to instill some healthier habits into our lifestyle. We never ate too unhealthy, but it is hard not to give into convenience, and items marketed to kids – you know the ones.

I became a certified health coach because I wanted to be a resource for people who want to take ownership of their health and eating habits, and I took the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s program because it was in line with my beliefs. Once I started making a few nutrition changes, I saw almost instantly how much nutrition was impacting moods, behavior, attention and our general health.

what does a health coach do & what are some of the goals that clients come with?

I get that a lot, but it’s not as complicated as some may think!

As a health coach, I help clients set goals and guide them through the process of accomplishing those goals in order to make permanent lifestyle changes. My mission is to help my clients find their happy and healthy way – realistically with recipes and convenience, not inhibiting ways. I provide accountability, knowledge and support throughout the entire process.

First, I meet with clients for a health history evaluation. Then, we decide if they would benefit from individual health coaching. With individual health coaching, we meet three times per month – including a grocery store tour, pantry detox and meal planning.

Overall, I take a holistic approach to health. Every client has different goals and needs, so I tailor my approach based on their lifestyle needs. I look at all facets of a client’s life – not just nutrition – that may have led them to where they are now with their nutritional choices. Some of my clients have had emotional or behavioral issues, high blood pressure, headaches, suspected food intolerances, allergies, weight, energy, or just want to improve their overall health.

with three young boys, the food you create also has to be yummy, what are some recipes that have won them over?

The best thing to do with kids is have them help you prepare their meals – if they make, they will eat it … or at least try it. Kids will never starve, but they will load up on junk food. In our house, we only have healthy options. I replaced my kids’ snacks with safe foods, and I make my own sauces and salad dressings. I also re-mixed all of their favorite meals by removing the processed items and other foods I’ve chosen to limit (wheat and dairy) and added in more vegetables. My kids loved a certain name brand ranch dressing – which is a chemical storm in a bottle. I make a herb ranch dressing that has replaced it, and they love it (recipe is posted on my Facebook page on may 8th).

do you have any favorite local healthy meals?

Absolutely! My favorite restaurant is Athenian Grill. They offer a range of vegetables, salads and whole, clean foods. I always ask my clients to let me know what their favorite restaurants are so that I can tell them what the healthy options are. I usually recommend ethnic restaurants, because it’s tends to be cleaner eating. It’s important to remember that you can always ask how your meal is being prepared – and don’t be afraid to ask your server if it can be altered.

this one is totally personal since we have a big family trip coming up over the summer, but how do you keep food healthy when you’re traveling? i’m already planning to hit the grocery a few times for produce!  organic baby carrots are sturdy and crunchy so they’re great chilled in the cooler!  

Plan ahead! Plan your travel snacks, pack a juicer or blender and map out where the nearest grocery or health food stores are. Skip vacation breakfasts and juice or make a smoothie in your room. Here are some snack recommendations:

Travel Snack Examples:

Moms in the Raw bars
Pre-popped Popcorn – non-microwave
Dried dates w/almond butter jar in tow
Frozen grapes
Walnut, pecans, cacao chips, and dried banana or apricots mix
Sliced berries rolled up with almond butter & banana in a sprouted grain tortilla (great frozen too)
Raw Coconut cookies
Kale Chips
Baked Chickpeas seasoned in any way – cinnamon/ honey – or go spicy with a soy sauce, wasabi, ginger sauce
Jicama, celery, carrot, zucchini sticks with salsa

Favorite Breakfast Smoothie:
1 banana
1 tbsp. protein powder (plant based – I prefer, hemp protein)
dash of cinnamon
¼ cup oatmeal or granola
2 dates
1 cup of non-dairy milk (almond)
1 cup of ice

- – - – - – -

staci, thank you x 10000 – i feel so encouraged!  doing all we can to preserve health is one way to enjoy life as much as we can :)

staci on facebook, twitter, her website (updates are happening this week), instagram

- – - – - – -

p.s. we’re headed to the northeast for our family vacation – soooooo excited :)  my instagram feed might get a wee bit crowded from the loveliness in nantucket, acadia national park, nyc :)


summer mini session details

we know you’ve been waiting!

summer [limited edition] mini session at the fair!

when: tuesday, july 15th & wednesday, july 16th

where: the fair 

kindly pick your preferred time

tuesday:  5:30, 6, 6:30, 7

wednesday:  5:30, 6, 6:30, 7

details: a 15-20 minute mini session, $175

1-2 children (or you and a child), for additional siblings/family members please add $25/person.  in 4 weeks, we’ll present 5 too-cute images.  email katrina (info@melaniemauer.com) for a spot as soon as you can – they fill quickly!!  can’t wait to see you!  (so often these are the perfect update for kiddos but if it happens to work for some images of your pregnancy or pre-wedding, please join us!)

tip: get your tickets for the fair in advance (children under 6 are free) to save time in the ticket line (they usually have a separate line for advance purchases)!  you might want to get something cute like fresh cotton candy (not the bagged stuff) or a candy apple to use for a couple shots at the end!



offering for business owners

this season has me in wedding land which is such a nice and lovely place to be!

i’ve felt a specific tug to offer what’s below (something we generally only have available during two windows during the year) but if you get in touch in the next few weeks, we’ll find a spot :)

- – - – -

i’ve *always* been entrepreneurial – when i was little, i asked for a calculator that printed what i typed into it like the big one my grandmother had on her desk and instead of playing with dolls, i set up toy stores in my bedroom. i even decorated the receipts. #mmpfirststeps

i love that we’re each made so uniquely.

mix that affection for business with a deep love for family and what matters most and you have one happy business owner.

if you’re starting a new business, you have *lots* of questions.
you’ve read books, you’ve followed blogs.
and perhaps you have a question for me.

i’ve chatted with business owners that have been in business for years and those just thinking about their dream.

here’s truth that i hold dear: you know more about your business than anyone else.


i can offer my perspective…and i’ll give it to you straight with kindness :)

$100/ 0.5 hour (for the most simple questions)
$175/hour (if you have multiple questions, an hour and a half is often perfect)
(pricing until september 2014)

this might be perfect if…
- you’ve ever wanted to have a conversation about business
- you want to discuss a business idea and solicit my feedback
- you’re established, ready to add extra hands and want to avoid missteps with hiring
- you’re about to become a mother and want to know a little more about what that will mean for you as a business owner
- you’ve wanted to ask some questions but weren’t sure how before
- you’ve had a business issue pop up and you’d like to see how i’d respond to it

this is my solution to pressing pause on client work to chat – i’m happy to share the solutions we’re currently using and the ways you can run a business in a manner that enriches your life.

8 out of 10 small businesses fail within 18 months (via Bloomberg) – there are a myriad of reasons but as someone whose been in business for 15 years, i’m interested in small businesses. most particularly ones that create good in their community.  if that’s you and you need a sounding board with experience, i’d love to chat.

the chance to live and create our work is nothing short of amazing :)  hurray for work aligned with what we hold dear.  lines that are blurry between work/play sound perfectly wonderful to me!

xoxo, -melanie-
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